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Individual and child art therapy



"Art is the meeting ground of the world inside and the world outside "

Elinor Ulman




I strive to implement effective Art Therapy methods to instill self-understanding and encourage  adoption of new attitudes and feelings towards life situations.  My goal is to accompany you on your journey as the expert of your own life toward your version of what wellness means to you through a  a safe, non-judgmental, comfortable setting.  My aim is to help you build confidence, be less critical of yourself and offer you the space you need.

I also work with parents and children through a developmental relational lense with the intent of aiding with particular needs.

I offer Naturotherapy receipts as well as receipts for tax purposes

I also offer a sliding scale upon request



Art therapy is a concrete visual way to create freedom of expression  when it is difficult to find words for the complex feelings and emotions you are experiencing.

Oftentimes once a problem has been successfully worked through in the art, it can then be generalized and applied to real life experience. 

Art Therapy is a safe way to share and present distress. The process of creating and experiencing in the art can reinforce successes and changes in your life. New ideas and feelings are expanded, highlighted, and transformed


Office near Vendome metro Station, in Montreal QC -

Online Therapy Available

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Individual Art Therapy

Through art and talk therapy we will be able to explore any challenges you may be facing ranging from low self-esteem, anxiety symptoms, interpersonal challenges, etc. 

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Child Art Therapy

From a developmental lens, I will work with your child  as young as 2 years old  on various challenges they may be navigating ranging from low self-esteem, behavioral issues, difficulty expressing emotions, developmental preoccupations etc.

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